Some of the products made by BlackHawk Services

BMA-200 – battery operated amplifier for EEG, ECG, EMG, etc

                     First prototype production run delivered on 10.14.1994

                     Last batch of 104 units delivered in 12.18.2005                                   Total of 104 units

BMA-400AC/DC Bioamplifier           

                     First prototype production run delivered on 5.11.1998

                     Last batch of 6 units made in currently in production.                              Total of 51 units

PCBs were custom modified with 26 gauge buss jumper anchored down with epoxy to correct 3 trace errors.  

FPs had a HV power switch with insulated right angle flag connectors.

There are 8 pots and 12 BNC jacks on the FPs.  All potentiometer PVC insulated wires are color coded twisted pairs,  heat annealed, and mounted close to the PCB ground plane when possible.  Custom made four 3 LED holders made with 0.1 SIP socket header with an integrated negative buss rail that terminated into a 4 pin Molex housing.  LEDs are easily replaceable and held rigidly in place.

RPs had 12 BNC jacks, a HV selector switch, inlet jack, and fuse.

Did the HV wiring lay out, and the chassis utilizes a one common earth ground point for PCB, FP, and RP.   Uses right angle insulated flag connectors for the HV connections, and had twisted pairs of 20 gauge color coded wire, that was cover with 3M VFP-876 heat shrink tubing and custom molded.

A Rittal Vario-Modul IS enclosure completed the assembly.   Assemble was done using Bosch and Panasonic torque controlled cordless drivers with posi-drive bits.   Created template for  drilling chassis pans and PCBs were custom drilled, mounted, and fit.

SB-1 EKG Blanker UNIT

 SB-1 FP Assembly                       

                    First prototype production run delivered on 12.18.2005

                    Last batch of  25  units delivered on  7.20.2009                                      Total of 47 units

Capstar Unit & Pod – CO2 Analyzer  

           First prototype production run delivered on 12.18.1994

           Last batch of 25 units delivered on 10.8.2007                                      Total of 335 units

MA 821/RSP – Four-Channel rack-mountable Moving Averager

                    First prototype production run delivered on 10.9.1998

                    Last batch of 8 units made currently in production.                                  Total of 60 units

PVT Unit –Programmable Reaction Timer/Tester used by NASA and others.

                    First production run delivered on 10.26.1993

                    Last batch of 30 units delivered on 6.25.2007                                      Total of 771 units

SAR-830/AP – Small animal ventilators  

                   First prototype production run delivered on 10.27.1995

                   Last batch of 21 units delivered on 9.12.2008                                       Total of 643 units

SAR-830 - First prototype production run delivered on 9.12.1996

                         Last batch of 30 units delivered on 3.17.2008                                 Total of 248 units

SUPER-Z & ISO-Z Bio Amp head stage units

                  First prototype production run delivered on 10.1.1993

                  Last batch of 37 units delivered in 4.7.2005                                            Total of 318 units


TC1000Temperature controller           

                  First prototype production run delivered on 6.14.1997

                  Last batch of 26 units made in 9.20.2004                                                 Total of 95 units


Timer Constant Modules-

                  First production run delivered on 1993

                  Last batch of 194 units delivered in 2001                                                Total of 664 units



Some of the products made for CTI of Paoli, Inc by BlackHawk Services


Crash test dummy data acquisition cable/harness assembly.                  Total of 3 systems

Constructed three sets of DA/sensor cable assemblies for Conrad Technologies, Inc. of Paoli, PA.

Used in their test dummy by the Navy in the final testing phase of the Martin Baker Mk.16 ejection seat.  

Did all the wiring and cable lay out for a custom 8 cable system with a common ground bus rail integrated

with the 0.1 Amphenol 50 and 20 pin headers to prevent ground loops and signal noise. 

Made all the mating sensor cables that connected to the main harness using eight 14 pin Lemo connectors and three 5 pin Lemo connectors. 

All wire was 32 or 22 gauge Teflon A/C cable and Paladin cable and stripping tools were used and well as a Weller temperature controlled soldering system.  

Designed incorporated the custom use of heat shrink cable end restraints and potting compound. 

Attached various accelerometers and sensors to cables using ESD safe handling protocols and specials jigs to ensure no breakage. 

Tested cables for opens and shorts. 

Did repairs of field damaged cables during the Navy’s active testing phase of the project.

          Handled them like eggs at all times.


                    Custom made DC power assembly made with Teflon insulated multistrand wire.                                  Total 20 pieces